Where to find opportunities?

These days, you can find opportunities everywhere. From the newspaper, from your peers and also from the internet. Most education supplements with newspapers have a section on opportunities.

However, your best chances of finding opportunities is:

  1. By searching on the internet

  2. Through your professional network

There are also some specific websites also that list opportunities. List below summarises few of them:

  1. Hey Success

    Hey success lists internship, scholarships, competitions and other such opportunities. The only drawback of heysuccess is that it allows you to view names of only 40 opportunities for free.

  2. ProFellow

    ProFellow is a site for fellowships. They permit you to access opportunities for free. Fully funded higher education fellowships and opportunities seem to cover the majority of the database.

  3. Buddy for Study

    Buddy4study is primarily focussed on scholarships. Their portal is free to access and lists a good amount of quality scholarships.

To make things easier, Rethink also has two key means of discovering these opportunities.

  1. Rethink Wiki

    Rethink wiki is our curated list of opportunities. We don’t put in an opportunity in our wiki unless we confirm its validity.

  2. Rethink Reddit

    Our reddit is an open notice board. People who encounter new opportunities post them on to our reddit board. While this is a great way of discovering new opportunities, do note that these opportunities have not been validated by us.

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