Importance of using emails

We have all heard about emailing and enough has been said about it. But why are emails important?
Emails are a professional communication medium. Emails are an excellent way of sharing heavy content as well as files.
Almost all organisations communicate on emails and as you enter the workforce, being equipped with writing good emails, following a proper email skills becomes important.

Creating an Email ID

Pretty much the way your house has a physical postal address, you will have an email id to which people can write in.
There are a number of email service providers. Some of them are:
● Gmail
● Outlook
● Yahoo Mail
● Hotmail
● Rediffmail
And so on.
You may choose to pick any service provider you personally like but we recommend that you use Gmail. Gmail has a clean interface and also comes with a lot of extra functionalities that will help you productively manage your inbox. The G Suite toolbox provides you seamless file management system using Google Drive, a neat Calendar and even Apps Scripts for you to manipulate all these services and create custom tools for yourself.

What should your email ID be?

When choosing to decide on how you must name your email id, it is good for you to follow some best practices.
● Avoid nicknames and fancy naming
● Avoid using complicated text and numbers that don’t make sense. Especially remember to not use your birth year.
● Use either your first name, last name or a combination of both.
● Get yourself a domain specific email.
Unprofessional Email examples
Professional Email examples

Using email address within an organisation

Some students tend to use their email ID within organisations they intern with or organisations they volunteer for, such as IEEE or ICloud. This works well as long as you use the email address only for purposes related to that organisation. For every other purpose NOT associated with the organisation, it is best recommended that you use your own personal email address.
Another blindside here is that the email service associated with such organization specific emails will work fine only as long as you have a valid membership. The moment you terminate your membership, the email becomes invalid. This will mean that you will no longer have access to the data or contacts you had while you used the email id.
This becomes an additional pain for people to reach you because when they try and send emails to you, the emails will bounce because such an email does not exist.
Here are two screenshots of email IDs that ceased to exist post membership, causing emails to these IDs to bounce.