About Rethink

Rethink Foundation (Rethink) is a volunteer driven knowledge platform to provide information and guidance to students about professional development opportunities.

There are a number of opportunities available to students that can positively impact their academic and professional outcomes. Unfortunately awareness of such opportunities remains low in our student fraternity and even in those instances when they are aware of such opportunities, reliable information and guidance is not always forthcoming.

We attempt to bridge this gap with our efforts with Rethink. Our model is unique in that it relies almost exclusively on digital platforms and technology infrastructure for delivery.

Our model relies on our 3 pillars: Wiki, Lives & v@r.


Wiki is our central repository of knowledge. Information and guidance of all our curated opportunities are published on our Wiki. Each opportunity will also have a dedicated page. All information on our Wiki is public and accessible to all.


We host Live Interviews with previous recipients or beneficiaries of the opportunity. In addition to this, we also look to host Lives with representatives of the host organisations of these opportunities.


The email (v@r) is our central mechanism of offering guidance. Anyone writing in to v@r for guidance on any matter will be reliably responded to. All queries are typically responded within 24 hours.

This handbook is an extension of our effort to facilitate guidance to students on applying to various opportunities. All the information contained in this document has evolved from years of collective learning from applying to various opportunities as well as facilitating guidance to students about the same. The information contained within this document is only to be seen as our guidance and not as undebatable, undeniable facts.


Arya is the Director of Opportunity Project at Rethink. She is a beneficiary of various opportunities herself and has been facilitating guidance to students on applying to these over the course of 2 years.

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