Investing in your own personal Email ID

Investing in your own personal Email ID

Having your own website/domain on the internet and having an email address in the domain can speak loads about your professionalism.
Truth is that all of us like to be known as individuals. We all wish to be unique and want to be known for our work. Having a little corner of our own on the internet and a related personal email can help create a lasting impression about your identity.
To create such an email, you will need to first register your domain name (like and then create your email within this domain (like [email protected]) using services such as Zoho, G-suite et al.
Zoho is actually free for use but to use Gsuite, you may have to pay a small fee of about INR 150 per month. Even though Gsuite is expensive compared to Zoho, we recommend that you use Gsuite because you get all features and functionalities included in a normal gmail account and more along with it. Access to Google Drive, spam protection, a gmail-like inbox are few of them.

How to set up your own email on Gsuite?

1. Checkout this playlist with detailed videos on setting up your own email: G Suite Godaddy Setup - A step by step video guide

Cost estimation

Cost of your Domain
This cost varies depending on your domain name. It can be anywhere from INR 99 per year to INR 3000 per year and sometimes even more. For sake of calculating an average amount, let’s take INR 600 to be price you pay for a decent domain per year.
To know the exact amount you’ll have to pay to get a domain of your choice, try searching for the domain you wish to buy here.
Cost of Gsuite
Gsuite charges INR 150 per month per user. So if you use Gsuite for up to a year, then the total amount you pay per year is 150*12 = INR 1800.
Total cost = 1800 + 600 = INR 2400 per year.
In just under INR 2500, you can set up and run your online domain and a related professional email. Most students pay this money off using the financial rewards they get when they secure various scholarships, internships or competitions. Others take help from their parents and well-wishers until they graduate and take up a job.
The benefits that you will get by making this small investment now would be much more. You will make more than this amount you invest when your professional online identity plays a role in getting you selected for various opportunities.
Final word on this is that you should surely invest on your own website and email if you have the means to do so. It is a great addition to your armoury. If you do decide to invest on this, then do ensure that you commit towards securing a financial reward to support yourself.
Last modified 2yr ago