Approaching the Application

This section will cover all about how you should be approaching your opportunity application.

We will look at understanding how you must approach the application form first. Then we will get to how you can answer few common application segments and also look at commonly asked questions.

Generic Application Approach

Let’s say you already have an opportunity in mind that you want to apply to. The following topics will look at how you must approach the application form for the specific opportunity.

This is how we’ll proceed:

  • Research

    Research helps you understand the opportunity and the

    organisation hosting the opportunity better. It in turn helps you

    put in an application that connects better with what is expected by

    the selection committee.

  • Familiarise with the Application Process

    The application process begins with you familiarising about the application process and requirements.

  • Prepare your application

    Post familiarisation, you move into preparing your application.

    1. Laying down the groundwork

      You begin by creating a copy of the application, checklist and having all the basic documents ready.

    2. Thinking through what to write

      You then have to think through how you will be positioning yourself in your application.

    3. Writing your Shitty First Draft

      You start writing up your application by writing a shitty first draft. This draft helps you get all the content in your head, out into paper.

    4. Reviewing your application

      You move on to then creating subsequent versions of your application by refining it with feedback from review.

  • Best Practices

    We shall also look at some of the best practices and tips to help you put in a successful application.

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