Get Started Checklist

Now you are all prepped up to begin applying to opportunities. But where do you begin? Let’s look at a checklist of things you can try.
  • Think about your goals and interests
  • Write down you goals in your journal or a document.
  • Google and find 3 opportunities that align best with your interests and goals
  • Set Calendar reminders to help you prepare for these opportunities at least 3 weeks before the deadline
  • Google and locate at least one previous winner of those opportunities and write an email to them requesting for an interview
  • Interview previous winners
  • Decide on a project aligned to your goals
  • Go do the project
  • Review your goals, opportunities and projects every quarter, rinse and repeat!

Start building your online presence

  • Set up your blog
  • Create your Google site website
  • Set up your Linkedin profile
  • Set up your Github profile

Application Prep

  • Create your Resume
  • Identify recommenders who will be happy to write an LoR for you
  • If you don’t think there is anyone who can recommend you, start building meaningful relationships with your professors and leaders.
  • Write Shitty First Draft of answers to common essay questions
We’d love to know if you’ve completed any of these segments. When done, feel free to write in to us at [email protected]. When you write the email remember to keep our email writing best practices in mind.
Once you tick off all items of this list, then it is about focussing on your projects and regularly blogging about your experiences.
It is never too late to start. But it is always good to start early.
Identifying opportunities you wish to apply well in advance and having all the basic materials prepared will save you a lot of time while applying as well.
We hope that you begin working towards your journey of applying to these amazing opportunities today.
On that note, sending across more power your way!