Locating Information using Search
Information Literacy is a very important 21st century skill to possess.

What does it mean?

The internet today is flooded with information.
Chances are that all you need is available on it.
But all this information is no good if we do not know how to locate it, evaluate it and effectively use it.
This is where “Search skills” come into play. With highly efficient search engines existing today, finding information has never been easier. Which search engine you use is up to you. Here, we shall explore how you can use one such search engine - Google.

How do you Google?

Searching on google is real easy. All you need to do is type in what you wish to search for and hit the search button.
Let’s try googling for the Venkat Panchapakesan Scholarship.
What you’d need to do is:
1. Open google.com
2. Type in ‘ Venkat Panchapakesan Scholarship’
3. Hit search
Now a lot of search results will load up and you can read through them to know more about the scholarship.
Getting a pro at googling is quite easy. The infographic below easily explains how to do this.
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