Video Testimonial

Most applications have a particular topic upon which you will have to create your video. It could be about. The topics may be quite similar to the essay questions also.
What you’d be expected to do is shoot a video on the topic, detailing all the points you are expected to be speaking on, upload the video to a popular video sharing website and then share the link in the application form.
Since the word limit in some applications may be stringent, you have only so much space to express your ideas and experiences fully. This is where the video might come in handy. You can really make use of your time in front of the camera to share a personal story that will add in more credibility to your application.

Best Practices

Be natural
It is a good idea to always be your natural self. Speak as if you are having a comfortable conversation with the reviewers but don’t be too lousy either. Stick to the point and be original.
Stick to the time limit
In most cases, you will be asked to restrict your video within a particular time limit. Sticking to this guideline is a good practice. The reviewers will be taking a look at multiple videos and they’d have only so much time to watch through your video. So having a super long video explaining everything might bore them and increase chances of them breaking out of the thread as well.
Be confident
If you don’t believe in what you are saying, chances are that the reviewers will also not believe in you. So no matter what you are saying, say it with confidence, Say it with conviction.
Don’t mind your language proficiency
Remember, the purpose of the video is to get to know you and your persona slightly better. It is not to check on how eloquently you can speak. So there’s no need to bother much about your language proficiency and how well an orator you are.
Be clearly visible and audible
Ensure that the audio and visuals of your video are clean. If the reviewer cannot see or hear your properly, it is going to keep bothering them as they watch the video.

How to shoot a video

Most applications require you to use just your mobile camera or laptop camera to shoot the video. It needn’t be of professional quality.
Common video shooting tools can be used.
  • Photo Booth
  • QuickTime
  • Camera App

Video editing tools

Sometimes, in your videos, you may want to share your screen, add test or even pictures. There are few editing tools you can use to do this easily.
Airdroid (To share android screen)

Common video sharing sites

Once you shoot and edit your videos, you’ll need to upload it to a common video sharing site. These are some common websites you may use:

How to upload a video to YouTube?

In order to upload a video to YouTube, you first need to create a channel on YT. Once you set up your account and create your channel, you can upload a video from your computer.
Here’s a resource video to help you.

Sharing settings

YouTube gives you three sharing settings while sharing your videos. You can decide to make your videos:
Public - Anyone the web can see your video
Unlisted - Only people with the link to the video can see it
Private - Only you can see it
Typically, while sharing your video in the application form, you should ensure that you sharing setting is either Public or Unlisted.