Critically evaluate your discoveries
What is also important that you critically evaluate all this information you get. Especially the information on the experience of previous winners. Why? Because what they share are merely their perspectives and NOT facts about the program. The information they give is to be understood WITH their background also in mind.
For instance, Aminath, a 2017 GHCI scholar and a Biomedical Engineering student at TKMIT says that the GHCI conference was a great experience but the career fair wasn’t much helpful.
Now if the conclusion you draw from this is that “the career fair is not useful”, then it is not entirely true. You should be understanding that “the career fair was not useful to Aminath” along with the fact that “she is a Biomedical Engineering student”. All other students pursuing Electronics, Electrical or Computer Science Engineering may have found the career fair to be extremely useful.
So this is where you really must critically evaluate the information you receive and understand it as it is meant to be, without any exaggeration or extrapolation.
Another important point you really should keep in mind is collecting information from reliable sources. Before you even being to accept a particular information you get, you should validate the source that gave this. Ensure that the person or website or source of your information is authentic and knows what they are talking about. There is every possibility that you will find a lot of misleading sources and if you blindly follow them all, then your chances of being misinformed are extremely high.
For instance: Hypothetically, there may be a blog that says a conference is a fad. Now if you encounter something like this, you should first check out the author of the blog. Has he attended this conference himself? If yes, what is his background? What accolades does the author possess to pose a remark like that? Is there a particular reason for him to say so? Are his views biased?
I mean think about this - if someone who has never even gone to a conference tells you that it is good or bad, then what sense does it make? If you feel that the person lacks the authenticity to comment on the opportunity, then feel free to completely dismiss the remark.
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