Resolving your queries

As you get started on the application process and go through it, you will have many questions come your way. Below are few ways in which you can go about addressing these queries.

1.Read through the Organisation’s Website and FAQs thoroughly

Most basic questions you might have regarding eligibility or the application process will be answered in the organisation’s website or FAQs. Read through these to find your answers.

2. Google

If your questions is generic, such as “How long should the resume be?” or “Who should I pick as my recommenders”, you can consider googling for these. You will find tons of resources online that can help you answer these.

3.Ask your fellow applicants

If you know other students applying along with you, you may ask them too. Since they are also going through the application process with you, chances are that they also might have encountered similar problem and even figured it out.

4.Write to the support email

If you have tried the above methods and feel that you still have not received an answer to your question or if your question can only be answered by the organisation hosting the opportunity, feel free to write to support email of the organisation with your query.

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